3D engine GXD strength


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Sword's chief disciple Wen Min wedding night, the day will warm cold teach Assassin Min seriously wounded, and Zhou Xuan Ling will be abducted, then someone in the nightmare of the holy house found in a coma for weeks Xuan Ling. Happy to send the head of weeks loudly denouncing the ignoble Li I line regardless, then tore up ten years ago, an agreement signed by three factions, the main door after Sword Li also condemned the rivers and lakes I have no credit line, then barely a decade to maintain the three school agreement, and finally came to an end, re-enter the arena of mutual interference disputes chaos.

"Tibia" by the South Korean Gigas Soft last three years the company developed its own 3D MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), the game has a complete game architecture, rich game content, performance art, fast-paced battle screen, are called on the make. With Gigas Soft independent development of the 3D engine GXD strength!