A Visit to Kazordoon


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azordoon, famous for its rock cut architecture, and center of the dwarven empire is located in the middle of the main continent of Tibia.


Before the dwarfs created this gigantic mountain city, it was only a huge homogenous rock. Kazordoon was carved out of it in the era known as the Age of Chaos, the time before mankind was created, the time, when the elder gods created elves and dwarfs to fight the overwhelming dark creatures of Zathroth and his minions. The Elves and the dwarfs were too weak to prevail over the dark menace that ruled supreme over almost whole Tibia. Nevertheless, both races managed to not surrender contrary to all the other races that had been sent to Tibia to fight against the upcoming darkness. While the elves found their asylum in the depths of impenetrable forests, the dwarfs chose the ancient and gigantic mountain, the Big Old One, as their new residence.

The dwarfs had a lot of good reasons to choose this colossal rock as their new home. The nature of the mountain offered various advantages: Enough space for an entire nation and the possibility to expand in any direction without being seen on the surface. An underground river and the option to cultivate mushrooms and wheat solved the problems of drinking water and food supply from the first day on.

Furthermore, it is not easy to find but easy to defend against any hostile superiority. Even if there are several entrances to Kazordoon, just few troops are needed to defend the narrow aisles to the kingdom.

Due to this safe and secret isolation from the rest of the world it was possible for the dwarven race to develop in many directions. Be it the skill to brew that wonderful mushroombeer or their farming qualities, the dwarfs know how to impress. They are self supporters and so, their skills improved a lot during all those years of separation. The dwarven smithery, which is incomparable to any other blacksmithing, and their unique mining skill are just other examples of their unmatched craftsmanship. Actually, it seems that there is no rock or mountain that is safe from a dwarven hammer and pick. In addition, the dwarven scientists used their time well to enhance their technologies and brought some of them almost to perfection, for example the steam technology.

Of course, the fighting skills of the dwarven army should not be forgotten. Even the best armor and weapon does not make a good warrior out of a man unless he is experienced and trained at fighting. While the elves focus on the natural power of druids and the agility of paladins, the dwarfs train their troops as sorcerers or knights. The combination of their superior fighting skills, the easy to defend structure of Kazordoon, and their magnificent weapons and armor is the reason why no enemy has ever succeeded in conquering the dwarven empire, yet.