A couple of replacement servers


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All in all, we have about 150 servers that are under the care of our four system administrators. The largest parts are the 77 Tibia game worlds. Then there are approximately 12 servers used by TibiaME. Apart from the Tibia and TibiaME servers, there are also about 10 web servers, 2 mail servers, 9 database servers, 5 login servers for Tibia only, 5-6 testing servers for all products (for Tibia you know them as Testa and Testera), and a couple of replacement servers.

We work with a fail over philosophy. That means that we always have a couple of servers ready to use, in case one server breaks and cannot be fixed immediately. This gives us enough time for fixing the broken server. You need to know that fixing a server might take up to several days, for example if a needed replacement part cannot be delivered any sooner.