A dangerous slime fungus at bay


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Are you ready to shape your world?  Go ahead; the Tibia summer update 2011 has just been released!

New challenges and adventures are waiting for you, and your actions and decisions will matter more than before. Our update teasers already provided you with a glimpse on world changes but let us summaries the new content before you head out to explore and see for yourself:

South-west of Zao Steppe, a raging mage has created a dimensional portal on top of a tower through which you can enter another dimension. Near Edron, the servants of a mad mage are following their master's voice and keep a dangerous slime fungus at bay.

If you are already close to Edron, you might want to side with one of the daemon races waging war against each other below Edron. It is up to you to tip the balance in demon wars.

Fishing enthusiasts should stop by the mysterious Lake Equivocolao in the north of Tiquanda. If the lake gets really dirty, you might be lucky and catch a shimmer swimmer, a rare fish that can transform into a piece of equipment.