A few issues concerning post reports were addressed.


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With today's server save, a few content fixes were implemented, for example:

. The Windtrouser family brooch has been added to NPC Black Bert's trade list.
. During the quest "The New Frontier", there is now an option for players to get transported back into reward room of the arena by asking NPC Zurak for "reward" if they have not yet collected all 4 rewards in the room.
. If you have lost NPC Morgan's letter to Eremo you can now get a new one after 7 days.

We would also like to inform you that we have fixed an issue in the Paradox Tower quest so that it will be solvable again. Due to technical reasons, though, this fix will not be implemented before the summer update.

In addition to the content fixes, a few issues concerning post reports were addressed. If you want to report a post in the forum but have reached your report limit already, you will now get that information as soon as you click on "report post". Also, the report reason "Off-topic public statements" which was missing in the post report dialogue has been added.

Last but not least, a couple of minor issues in the Beta Flash client were fixed. For example, when opening a new container, the widget now scrolls to the top of the container.

If you want to talk about the latest changes with other players, you can leave your comments in the thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.