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Before you pass the two towers guarding the south-west city gate, look left to catch a glimpse on Venore's prison and garrison. However, we doubt that you want to spend your precious time in a prison cell so do not linger and leave Venore through the city gate in front of you. As you cross the wooden bridge behind the first two towers, you have a good view on Ottokar's poor house to the right. If you are a charitable person and would like to donate some money or medicine to the poor souls, you can take the short way underneath the bridge to reach the poor house. Otherwise, we suggest you to leave it at that and be content with the view from above.

After you have passed the last two towers, go down the stairs to get to Venore's horse station. Appaloosa not only offers horses for rent but also a coach transport to Thais. Furthermore, the south-west gate is a good starting point for adventurers looking for some action. The entrance to the Venore Dragon Lair is not far away and you can also start longer excursions to the Outlaw Camp or the dangerous Plains of Havoc from here.