Although it is lovely style of Tibia Gold game.

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No money in the game, players can set the experience gained by killing, to enhance the ability after the upgrade will strengthen menu, by go up next is respectively: weapons and armor, and magic. And Tibia Online Gold will always play an important role. Weapon upgrades will change, the damage would look better, But magic is using magic spells by an additional plot, must learn, Armor is the player's health. Overall, although it is lovely style of Tibia Gold game, but the fluency and content is very good, and a bit like playing up early. Link adventure, and like exercising also crazy practice furiously practicing, game gave high experience allows players to practice. In the story is quite straight, need not worry about the problem stuck. The game began early strategy to the village after looking to learn magic mage, lower down the mountain and magic chicken king "to start the shoes and rescued the altar of the north by elves and beat the north monsters get to the second key.