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Depths of Darkness Quest: Surviving the Depths of Despair means that you can precede to the next quest in the series called Depths of Darkness (level 4). As the name suggests, you will make Tibia coins your way to another tunnel devoid of light.

The area is also infested by various monsters that will try to stop you from completing your mission, which is to explore the sewer and kill the main boss, Gribbik Snarl fang, and the Hobgoblin chief. The quest is bestowed by Giggs Elorreathi who is busy getting drunk over at the Hammersmith's Inn.

PREPARATION: The quest entrance is just across the Hammersmith's Inn, behind the fences. If you are coming from the Depths of Despair quest, you just have to click on the rope and you will be automatically teleported to the Depths of Darkness.

Just as in the first sewer, you will find creatures of all shapes and sizes in this quest. They are quite the same as in the first quest, with the addition of several types of Hobgoblins.

Here are the monsters that will make an appearance, in no particular order: Once you defeat Lothar, the back of the cell will open up and you will find a chest there. The quest is completed and you can head back to Giant hold and get your end reward from Pheryl Barlo.