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Bluehole studio developed by the Korean MMORPG "Project S1" officially named "TIBIA". Online game developer studios in Bluehole January 22, Samsung-dong, and Seoul held HanGame Invitational 2009 announced.

Game Name "TIBIA" (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) as "the exiled world Arborea" abbreviation, Arborea is derived from the ancient Greek names the name of the game world.

CEO Jin Jiang Shi Bluehole studio said, "TIBIA" is the development of three, put 32 billion won (equivalent to approximately $ 160 million) of the MMORPG, is to provide realistic models of Non-Targeting battle mode and a high standard of the game screen comes up .

Non-Targeting refers to a way of fighting monsters and do not directly attack the selected system, the selected monster and then attack with the existing MMORPG different from the maximum to provide realistic and fun.

TIBIA role in the game is divided into six races eight kinds of occupations; players can use a variety of roles.

Games will provide the political and economic systems evolve. Through these systems, players can experience the fun of communication.