Because a paladin heals for that much Tibia Gold.

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Don't be dismayed by the numbers. It's true that nothing can trump a paladin's pure HPS. For most of us, our biggest crits only heal for 1/3 to 1/2 of a normal Holy Light, but just because a paladin heals for that much Tibia Gold, doesn't mean they use that much.
The bulk of paladin healing is surplus and becomes over-healing. Tanks don't need those numbers to stay alive -- paladins need those numbers to keep tanks alive. They don't have as many spells available to them like other healers; they can't instantly manipulate the way a health pool is plummeting (read: do not BoP the tank) so they get raw numbers instead.
Paladins don't have Pain Suppression or Guardian Spirit. They don't have Nature's Swiftness with Healing Touch or Healing Wave. You don't need to be a paladin to heal a tank, but I do think you need to buy WoW gold, right? Once again, the site you visit right now is the best buying WoW gold site. Don't forget it.
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