Completing Tibia coins quests and getting their rewards and levels.

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Things to do in World of Warcraft - At the very beginning, you will find the environment in World of Warcraft is pretty much a cooperative thing.
Players are doing the same things like hunting monsters, completing Tibia coins quests and getting their rewards and levels. You will get advice and things you need (of course not the rare ones) from most players in game.
Your game life is focusing on leveling up and acquiring new gear and special treasures for you character. Also you need to farm good amount of gold to enjoy the game to its fullest.
How to Make WoW Gold - Since you just start your adventure, we will make this WoW gold guide quite simple. The rule is to pick up everything, from the drops of monsters to vender trash.
Make sure you sell the gray items (trash) to vender machine to earn a little money. White Items can be sold in the AH, if you do not need them.
Your World of Warcraft journey begins. Hard working always returns you good results. Be dedicate and patience, you are going to a great gamer. Check out our other articles for more on WoW and WoW gold.