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With today's server save, several content changes have taken effect.

Protection zones (PZ)

In the Yalahar football hall, the non-PZ teleporter area was broadened
The PZ on Captain Haba's ship and the PZ in the reward room of the Svargrond Arena were enlarged
A missing PZ field was added on the post office balcony in Ab'Dendriel
Quests and NPCs
A dead end was fixed in the Thieves' Guild quest in case you lose the fishnapped goldfish: the item is purchasable now from Black Bert
In the Vengoth vampire castle, a stone was removed which had accidentally blocked the quest chest
Selling crystal pedestals to Telas can be triggered with "crystal pedestal" now which makes him buy all pedestals in any colour state in your inventory
Harsky and Stutch now delete all damages over time first before setting your HP to 1 if you say a swearword to King Tibianus
Bolfona was slightly revised in the Sweet as Chocolate Cake quest
Several typos were fixed
A second staircase was built for Liberty Bay wyrms, and the wyrms' radius was increased
Several minor map bugs were fixed
If you want to discuss the latest changes with other players, leave your comment in our newly created thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.