Drive away poisonous creatures

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Founded as a settlement at the time when the Nightmare Knights set foot in the Plains of Havoc, Venore has always been a part of the Thaian kingdom. In order to bolster its defense against wild creatures, the first settlers built their shacks on stilts above the marshy swamp there. Tempted by promises and special benefits, further settlers came and Venore started to grow, especially after druids and sorcerers managed to drive away poisonous creatures.

Venore was also one of the major sources for wood back then. Convicts were sent to the area south of Venore as forced labourers to cut wood and help with building a cathedral there. Due to a massive earthquake, though, the cathedral was destroyed and the construction site was abandoned. Nevertheless, a couple of shady characters stayed there and founded an outlaw camp. A few historical sources claim that some of these criminals unofficially worked for Venore for very little money which means the city had a steady supply of cheap workers.