Every single one wanted the same task


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Ok guys I have 8 baby demons at home. We thought it needed to be in the home so time would pass.
I had 8 in my house, and I woke them all myself just now!

Every single one wanted the same task, and well 8 is a nice number for check it right? 8 out of 8 tells me there is something wrong!

I made ONE! kiss the dragon (which was the task they wanted) and they all started to sleep again.

This way the world task gets REALLY easy I can just get 100 or more and do a single task and get 100 satisfied babies for my world!

Ok, I know what it is!

I clicked on it with my knight now, they all waked again, SO!
the mission is by player not demons! then i clicked again on my druid and the demon my knight made cry started sleeping again.
then I clicked it with my knight again and it started crying again, asking the same mission as before (when i first woke it with my knight)

theorecly if a player made the needed number of mission for the task and then click on any demon they will all get please! Isnt it a bug? People can just wait for a single player to do (lets say 5) missions and then have it click on every single demon of the world! and have the players (or even himself) delivering the babies to the mother!