Feverish citizens roam


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In general, money determines your fate in Venore. It is a good place to live if you are rich, and its warehouses allow you to shop until you drop. The city is also full of opportunities to find work. You might want to think twice, though, if you are on friendly terms with Carlin's female elite since it is said that the AVIN secretly supports the male resistance in Carlin with beer.

Also, Venore's gambling license makes it an attractive place for fortune hunters. At the same time, Venore is a city full of shattered dreams and broken hopes. Many of the people who came with little had nothing left in the end. His last refuge for the poor, sick and homeless in their struggle for survival is the poor house which was recently set up by one of the few noble souls in Venore. Every once in a while, though, the rampant swamp fever there spreads to the city and feverish citizens roam the busy streets.