Hit Overpower to get around their defenses every time they Dodge


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A druid will either cast or shapeshift as an opening, therefore a nice Piercing Scream can really start the Tibia Gold battle right (they can’t jump out of stun like mages), or a Pummel failing that.

Rogues are easy if you Disarm them and keep them from running away, so do that as soon as you can with Hamstring and stun them. Hit Overpower to get around their defenses every time they Dodge, and don’t let them get far enough to Vanish.

The nicest thing about most rogues is their severe lack of hit points and armor, making them easy to kill once you get a few hits on them.

However, if you run across the rare combat rogue, Sunder Armor will do wonders at making them want to run. (Don’t forget Hamstring, which is also good for rogues who try to jump around a lot so you can’t target them.)

This is the time when you want to swap out your gear. Nature resistance is huge against a casting druid, and the spell form is the one that really will be the worst to face, as they can both damage you through spells, melee to a degree and heal themselves. Resisting an Entangling Roots may very well decide the battle.