I'm suggesting an alternate means to engage your enemies


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As far as I'm aware we are currently lacking a Black Orc guide so I decided to write one. Bare in mind this Tibia money is based on a beginner's experience and some of it may not hold true at a later point.

I have noticed two important things about Black Orcs; first that they hard, second that they are almost totally unbreakable when there is more than one and they are cooperating.

Blacks Orcs appear to be more benefit to each other than they are even to Goblin Shaman and collarary to this they receive more aid from each other through their abilities than they appear to get from Shaman.

Why this might happen

I'm not telling you how to play your class; I'm suggesting an alternate means to engage your enemies.

All classes have three distinct specialization trees which improve the efficacy of abilities that belong to that specialization. Classes don't begin gathering points for specialization until rank 11 though. Black Orcs seem to have utterly by-passed this because of their class mechanic.

In the first six ranks I was given a range of abilities that made me think carefully about my button rotation. It was impractical to use all of them in a fight, and yet they are ALL useful.