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Players are always eager for good spells so that they could earn Tibia Gold and get Tibia Noah. Attack occupation, treatment occupation, what is most amusing attacks the occupation, attacks in the occupation the close combat long-distance legal system, those who most have the feeling is the close combat, the close combat must play formidable fiercest, although soldier fierce, but is always controlled, cannot protect oneself insufficiently formidable, the bandits and thieves do not have the fierce feeling completely, the only Tibia has the attack, has the freedom, has the invincibility, can add the blood, namely fierce is also formidable. At the same time, please don't forget the powerleveling have enough Tibia Online gold for you. In the battlefield I take the fill-out medicine to run the forefront, the enemy side kill me not to die, the treatment meets not on own initiative adds the blood to me, has the free blessing then to be possible to sweep away thousand armed forces, this is I thought that other occupations are unable to compare. Therefore plays other occupation always to think that does not have the Tibia to be crisp, the forms of defensive action are not very either fierce.

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