Light-emitting state

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Tibias of the game community has emerged in the system, the maximum number of 36, the Tibias of the wrist on the wrist tag is marked, the Tibias will be the level of contribution with the Tibias and the ranking will continue to rise while the standard wrist showed varying degrees of light-emitting state. Legion is a higher level than the community of the Tibias, the maximum number of 36, in addition to the basic functions with the Tibias, the Army also has exclusive cloak and badge, but the Tibias must reach a certain value contribution, by completing the arduous obtained by the Cavaliers head task and task items and create a corps until after the upgrade to a corps. Sometime you also can buy the armor from other players with your Tibia Online Gold. Create Corps has been established prior to first determine the Tibias and the Tibias to reach at least 3 such as the Tibias of the standard, that the contribution of the whole group the sum of all the members must be greater than or equal to 144,000. And then sent to the Registry the Coliseums in Rome, killing inside the Centaur Archer, the task to get props: the glory of the lock. Finally, personally by the head of the lock with honor and 10 million gold coins found in the Tibias of the Registrar only after the Tibias can be created. Task NPC: Centaur Archer refreshes time for every hour refresh.

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