Mages have some class-specific quests to net them some cool equipment

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Basics of Mages: Mages are one of the fastest classes in World of Warcraft if it comes to killing enemies. Mages are able to summon their own food, water, and mana potions, so there is usually not a problem economically with Tibia Gold regenerating the Mage.

The biggest problem with them is though they kill very fast, they do so by expending a great deal of mana which can take some time to recharge in later levels. Mages have some class-specific quests to net them some cool equipment, so never neglect this.

Mages, like all cloth-classes, are not very equipment heavy. If you think about it, mail/plate classes need a lot of equipment, both to shield them from harm, and to deal damage.

This means that while keeping up with equipment now and then doesn’t hurt; casting classes such as the mage do not need to be on the bleeding edge of armor and weapons.

Casters take in a great deal of gold because of their double-money professions and need to spend very little on equipment. Casters tend to have more money to play with than most other classes.

At certain levels you can obtain the ability to teleport to certain primary cities. Later, you can portal other players to these cities as well, here’s a quick chart to help you