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Today, the wealthy and powerful merchants still control and manage the municipal affairs of Venore. The Slim family, owner of the warehouse Useful Things, the Ironeye family, owner of the Ironhouse, as well as the bankers is the leading force behind Venore’s activities, and significantly influences other merchants who are more concerned with their personal well-being and profit than with politics. Especially Carlin is a nuisance for Venore's merchants. They would like to see it subdued by Thais again, and thus, within their sphere of influence. It is mainly a result of Venorean efforts that there is hardly any reconciliation between Carlin and Thais. Unsurprisingly, the relationship between Carlin and Venore is rather icy. Yet, Venore pretends to be a loyal vassal to Thais, and masks its own interests as the interests of the Thaian kingdom. Without much doubt, Venore would have been able to gain independence easily. But so far, losing their influence on Thais has been considered a greater evil than being the major tax payer in the Thaian kingdom.