Put it in the right place to shine


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There is mosaic stone skill hierarchy; different levels of inlaid precious stones for arms to enhance the different energy, with inlaid stone skill level increases, the use of the skills out of power will increase accordingly. Any equipment can be mounted with holes of different types of inlaid precious stones, mosaic out of class if the feels good does not matter, the use of mosaic stone solvent props allow you to re-embed in the original hole in the new gem. But here is the need to warm prompt attention to our players, the same type of inlaid stone; every piece of equipment can only be mounted one. After removal of inlaid stone, inlaid stone destruction disappear, Socket space reserved, no re-openings.

With inlaid gems put it in the right place to shine. Sub-types of weapons, types of precious stones but also as divided, according to the properties of various precious stones and precious stones are divided into HP to enhance the class (Titan inlaid stone), defensive gem (stone mosaic rapidly: start after a certain period of time (10 seconds) increased dodge), PVP class gem (precision inlaid stone: use of skills after a certain period of time (10 seconds) hit increase).