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Then it is time for you to face your fears and laugh into evil's face. The gods have sent the mighty Halloween Hare again to the Tibian lands to help mankind overcome its nightmares.

On October 31, this mighty creature can be found on mainland and Rookgard and will turn you into some scary creatures to take off your fear. So, let's get transmuted and twit the evil.

The dark forces are not sleeping either. Once again they are going to send the most malevolent spirit to spread fear and horror all over the land. Show your bravery and fight the Mutated Pumpkin, who will be around from October 31 till November 2.

Gather your brothers and sisters in arms, go to the Western parts of Darashia and send this evil creature back to where it belongs...Who knows, you might find some nice loot as reward for your courage...

With this year's summer update, a couple of adjustments were made in the Mutated Pumpkin event. Check our feedback thread for further information.