Social Sunday "Easter Egg Hunt"

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Welcome to the 46th Social Sunday Event!


Location: it is a suprise!

Date: sunday April 26, 2010 at 8pm PST 11pm EST or 17 hours after ss

Two Wand of Infernos
A Grab Bag
and 20 seconds in the Prize room!
(Prize room can be seen on the balcony across from Thais DP)

At 17 hours after ss sharp be in the Buterfly Private Chat Channel (just PM for invite)
I will yell the city (or area) the eggs can be found in.
Only one color of eggs will be hidden and you dont know which! The person that brings back the MOST eggs wins! (Each egg will have a verification letter with it)
There will be FOUR 4 winners!

REMINDER: Social Sunday runs on donations so please mail to thais or throw behind the counter at the warriors guild hall.