Spring is near!


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Winter is gone and finally spring is around the corner. Like every year, we are going to release a spring patch. But this year this patch will be a bit bigger than you might have expected.

So, since some of you are already eagerly waiting let us start with a first teaser...

With the last winter update, we introduced Quirefang, a rough island where the Deeplings and the Hive Born are fighting for supremacy.

Since then, many players repeatedly asked us to make the two world changes Liquid Black and the Hive work independently from each other, so that players can make progress in both changes at the same time. So, here we go:

With the spring patch the world changes will be separated from each other. So if players fulfill the required conditions they can advance both on the hive side and the deepling side. In addition, the status of both world changes will be graphically represented on Gray Beach.

Furthermore, new elite opponents will strengthen the underwater troops of the deepling race.

Also, the Hive Born have bred six bosses. These bosses will spawn in a new room when the hive is in the last stage of the world change. For killing the bosses you will receive some of the points which you need to obtain the Insectoid outfit.

New challenges will be waiting for you in the Paw and Fur Society tasks. More bosses will be added so that every task of the last two level ranges, level 80 – 129, and level 130 plus, will have its own boss, for example the mutated bat boss Bruise Payne, or Fazzrah, the boss of the high class lizzards, just to name two.

A couple of creatures and bosses you have to face in the Paw and Fur Society tasks will be strengthened and the loot will be improved a bit.

Besides, we will address the world task A Pirate's Death to Me and the world change The Mummy's Curse. You will then get an individual reward if you successfully finish the A Pirate's Death to Me. Also, Horestis' tomb will not be empty anymore if the world change is in its first stage. Creatures will spawn there to defend the reign of Horestis.

Last but not least: The Easter event will be replaced by the brand new event Spring into Life. Everywhere on the Tibian land dragons are breeding descendants. Will you have the heart to slay these cute fire-breathing babies just to get a small surprise? The event will start on April 16. Further information will follow in due time.