The Wizard Who Disappeared Within His Own Hat

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Many, many years ago there was a wizard whose name was Teslar Netherwind or Teslar Mad-hat as he sometimes was called behind his back. He worked in the Ivory Towers on Edron like many other people who were talented in the arcane arts commonly referred to simply as 'magic'. He was a teacher and regularly held lectures for the students who also was a part of what was back then called 'the Academy of Magic Invention and Regulation'. The Academy was divided into different departments which handled different things surrounding the use of magic, but the two main departments were as the name reveals the ones handling magic invention and magic regulation.

Teslar himself was once part of the 'Department of Magic Invention', but got kicked out because his ideas were "too foolish" and "too crazy" according to the project leaders. What others saw as his crazy ideas combined with the fact that he always wore a big, pointy hat lead to his nickname "Teslar Mad-hat". The hat was a magnificent sight, which was something most people agreed to, but seldom acknowledged. It was purple and had lots of different symbols embroidered on it. The symbols varied in size and kind - there were magic symbols, star signs and other more common symbols - all in different colours.

It was after he got kicked out of the 'Department of Magic Invention' that he became a teacher, which was not seen as the most prestige filled position within the Academy. Teslar didn't mind though... he didn't like his colleagues very much anyways and preferred the company of his students. This might partly have been because of their enthusiasm and curiosity. Unlike his colleagues, they found his ideas interesting and well... maybe a bit crazy, but then in a good way.

The headmaster and his council was very controlling when it came to what was being researched within the Academy and this might necessarily not have been a bad thing, since magic can be very powerful and dangerous if not handled with care. Everyone who worked within the Academy was also checked and controlled so that nobody would do something the council wasn't aware of and this was something Teslar saw as an obstacle. He had lots of ideas, but could not realise them within the Academy.

After a certain incident involving a summoned dragon, destroyed expensive equipment and a part of the Academy having to be rebuilt, the headmaster had had enough and Teslar got kicked from the Academy. This wasn't the end of Teslar's interest in magic invention however - he continued his research in his own house in Stonehome. This went on for a about a year and every week since Teslar had left the Academy a group of so called "Regulators" came by his house and wanted report of every kind of magic he had worked with. The Regulators were a group within the Academy who had the task of checking certain people who worked with magic outside of the Academy and this was done to make sure that the council could regulate the use of magic when needed.

Even though Teslar could do much research and experimenting hidden away from the eyes of the Academy, he felt that he never really could go all the way since they regularly was checking what he was doing. He couldn't move from Edron if he wanted to continue his research since he had to stay there to get access to certain magic supplies which were only obtainable there. He had tried a lot of things to avoid the controls on a day to day basis though - for example he had tried simple things such as shape shifting, turning himself invisible and so on, but this was always too simple and the Regulators always had means to discover what he was up to.