The fortitude and loyalty of Taurus Aldebaran are just like the Templar's

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Twisted Treeline map features faster paced 3v3 action due to its two lanes/ two forests layout. One lane is curvy, and the other is straight. The map also features several Tibia Gold neutral monster camps, and plenty of opportunities for team fights due to the two large forests located on the map.

The top forest is accessible only from the top lane, has high reward monsters, and is structured to increase random forest encounters.

The lower forest narrows in the middle, allowing for increased ganking opportunities. Other features of Twisted Treeline include new Sigil monsters, in addition to a new monster whose buff reveals the bottom forest for a short period of time.

NO.1 Templar - Zodiac Sign: Taurus

The fortitude and loyalty of Taurus Aldebaran are just like the Templar's. In the face of closing in dangers and flooding enemies, the Templar always stands in the forefront, fences off countless attacks with his body and ridicules the enemy's folly with scornful stare.

Among the twelve golden saints, both the first and the second generation of Taurus saint are widely respected for loyalty and generosity. However, it would be terribly wrong to consider the Taurus-like Templar as nothing more than a flesh wall.