The option to group up

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Another area that Tibia3 is getting an upgrade is with the Mage character. Nexon takes feedback very seriously and players will be happy to know their voices are heard. The mage character is getting some polish. Having a solid list of characters to choose from is important to Nexon, so players will have the full range of iconic RPG choices to enter the Tibia3 instances. The game is also getting new loot and upgrades. One of the ways you can customize your characters is with armor and weapons but Tibia3 will have more choices as their episodes continue into the future.

One of the last pieces we discussed was the idea of adding raid content into the game. Tibia3 is built around small party instances, but more talk has been going on about larger raid encounters. Currently the game is looking at adding in thirty man raids and giving players the option to group up for some epic boss fights. Just imagining all of the physics of a thirty man raid in Tibia3 is exciting. The game has some of the most interactive MMO environments around.