The sun stood high and wind was blowing calmly.

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I was walking in the soft grass behind my town. I walked up a hill with a small apple tree on top. The sun stood high and wind was blowing calmly. I came to the top of the hill and lay down under the apple tree. Here I had spent many childhood days playing and fantasying; I was a warrior fighting the evil orcs, I was a sorceress fighting the mindless undead. I was a druid healing my following people. I was a paladin protecting the king and my family.

I had never become any of those heroes, I was a farmer. I worked with my dad everyday all around the year. It was a hard work, but the gain was good and we never starved. I did not need to follow my childhood dreams, my dream was to marry the woman I loved and take over my father's small farming business.

My face got caught in the shade of what I thought was a leaf of the tree. I moved a bit only to realize that it was a cloud moving across the sky. It's funny how such a small thing can take away so much life-giving light.

I closed my eyes while waiting for the sunlight to hit my body. Instead I fell throw the ground and into sleep.

When I opened my eyes the whole earth seemed to have gone black.

I can't have slept for that long I thought to myself. I looked up and saw that the whole sky was covered in black clouds, hiding the sun.

I walked down the hill. The grass seemed harder the usual, perhaps the lack of heat had made the grass harder.

What I saw, was the most awful sight I had ever seen. My town was burning. I could hear people screaming.

I was running in the hard grass behind my town. The grass had become sharp like a knife and was cutting my legs. The pain was intense but my fear of losing my loved ones kept me going. I did not even know what to do when I came to the town, what had happened? Was it an accident, were the orcs attacking, were the undead rising from under the ground? Were enemies of the king raiding our beloved land?

I can't fight I thought to myself. I can't fight; I've never been in a fight before!
I can't fight I can't fight. I fell.

In the same second I fell, the sunlight shined though a small hole in the sky and lit up the exact spot I landed on. I landed in the soft grass.

There I was, feeling my body heat up, feeling the ground around me becoming living again. It's funny how such a small light can give so much life. It's funny how one knight can fight so many orcs, how one sorceress can kill an entire undead army, how one druid can save so many people, how one paladin can protect a whole nation. Perhaps one farmer could save a whole town.

The fear tuned into courage. I got on my feet and started running once again.

I entered the town and took an axe. There was not a single soul in the streets and it had all of the sudden become very quiet.