There are several of these specific weapon type talents in game

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You have to go through Deep Wounds to get to this talent, but it is worth the effort if you are maxing Arms anyway. This will increase your critical strike damage while in any stance - using any Tibia coins ability. Overpower, anyone? Unfortunately it doesn’t work for auto-attack as well, but this is still worth the points.

This is where the Arms tree forces you to make some choices in play style. There are several of these specific weapon type talents, and you probably won’t need to use all of them.

My advice is to pick your two favorite for your style and put points in those, ignoring the rest and spending points on helping your skills instead.

The advantage to picking Two-Handed is that it will go well with any other weapon you pick – axe, sword, mace or polearm.

If it fits in your play style (tanking and PVP) to use Thunder Clap a great deal, then you may want to invest in this talent so that you can get to it quicker.

However, I’ve found it not to be terribly useful in the long run - it’s something to put your points in so that you can max the tree, but don’t bother with it for most builds.