These potions allow for some good boosts and PvP players love them

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Skill: Alchemy - Alchemy is a fairly simple trade skill. Pick the herbs with herbalism (with the herbalism tracking skill on), then use them with other reagents and vials to make Tibia Gold potions.

Taurens are particularly good with this skill since one of their racial abilities allows them to pick herbs above their skill level.

Alchemists can create some nifty potions to get melee characters and casters out of binds. A secondary trait of alchemy is that it allows for the creation of minor buff-potions that can be sold on the market. These potions allow for some good boosts and PvP players love them.

In the higher skill levels (225), Alchemists can transmute certain ores into others. The last function of Alchemy is that it provides reagents for other trade skills, in fact more reagents than any other profession. Not bad.

Almost anything an Alchemist sells on the market is useable in combat, but the stuff that sells tends to be stuff in the 100+ skill levels. Also, it is good to sell ingredients you can make for other professions, such as Black-mouth Oil, Shadow Oil, and Ghost Dye.

Prices aren’t listed here because they always change, but you should sell a little less than what is at the auction house and have buyout sales a little less than theirs.