Tibia Gold players can return returning to the matron.


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Looking for how to beat the Headless Horseman attacks without waste meat sinks necessary Tibia coins? Visit our helpful Headless Horseman guideline all fresh for your new 2011 Horseman!Go to Kharanos, Gold shire, Azure Observe, Razor Hill, Brill, and Falcon-wing Square where we will see a Masked/Costumed Orphan Matron. She'll give you a quest to practice firefighting. You'll find several burning practice targets near all these cities.Use the pail of water as well as douse them with water to place them out. Do it five times plus the quest of WoW gold is performed. Tibia Gold players can return returning to the matron.As soon as that's done, you may accept a goal ("Let the actual Fires Come") to start the event unless case is already started (then it's "Stop the That will fire! ").