Tibia Gold players regularly was checking what he was doing.


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This wasn't the end of Teslar's interest in magic invention however - he continued his research in his own house in Stonehome. This went on for a about a year and every week since Teslar had left the Academy a group of so called "Regulators" came by his house and wanted report of every kind of magic he had worked with. The Regulators were a group within the Academy who had the task of checking certain people who worked with magic outside of the Academy and this was done to make sure that the council could regulate the use of magic when needed.Even though Teslar could do much research and experimenting hidden away from the eyes of the Academy, he felt that he never really could go all the way since Tibia Gold players regularly was checking what he was doing. He couldn't move from Edron if he wanted to continue his research since he had to stay there to get access to certain magic supplies which were only obtainable.