Tibia Gold players won't have to spend money on restoration potions.


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This stat gives you your modifiers to HP and Fortitude saves, both of which increase the survivability and durability of your fighter. More HP is always good, and being able to shrug off stat reducing poison will make Tibia Coins your fighter more effective in the long run.If you never get hit by poison in the first place, Tibia Gold players won't have to spend money on restoration potions, and your cleric won't spend mana on restoration spells, leaving more mana for heals.Like Dex, a penalty from your Con modifier is not a good idea for most fighters, and how high you take it will depend on your specific builds. I would say to put a minimum of 12 in this stat to all fighters. If you want more skill points, this is the stat for you. War-forged specifically will be interested in the fact that this stat figures directly into your Repair skill, determining how many HP the War-forged gain back when resting at a shrine.Many fighters consider Int to be somewhat of a dump stat, so the number of points spent here will largely be based on personal preference for how many skills you want to increase.Even if you aren't interested in extra skill points, you should perhaps be interested in not losing skill points. I advise a minimum of 10 in this stat to keep your Int modifier from being negative.