Tibia Mysteries & Unsolved Quests


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Hello there. I'm here to talk and discuss with you some mysteries in tibia that are not quit solved yet.

Me and my friend Kalakers already started to look for some of those mysteries. We read, talk with some npcs, etc. Maybe you can help us out and join us? (:

So, state your opinions and ideas about those

Here's a small list to help you out:

Pits of Inferno & Plains of Havoc

Brotherhood of Bones & Nightmare Knights

Necromantic Nectar & "Feed those in need"

The Basilisk

What's behind Shadowthorn Magic walls ?


The Banshee And Dead Villa deep inside Jakundaf Desert

The Sword of Fury

Lonely Banshee at White Flower temple

The Demon Oak Quest


The Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun

The Ruins North of Ankrahmun

Kidrik's screwdriver

NPC Oswald

NPC Gelagos, trapped in Fields of Glory, behind Bron's house

The Island off Carlin

Beholder Language

Those very rare itens that only players from Antica have.

Keep posting and helping me to improve our list!