Tibia coins players also want to honour all those guilds.


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Guilds have always been an important part of Tibia. A guild creates a sense of belonging: like-minded players unite to support and protect each other, to strive towards common goals. For many, it is like a family... like a home.In celebration of Tibia's 15th anniversary, Tibia coins players also want to honour all those guilds that have been together for years now. With today's server save the guild leaders of all guilds that have existed for 5 years or more on January 7, 2012, have received a present for their guild which they can find in their home depot. It includes 15 special tapestries embroidered with the guild's age. They also have a special description featuring the name of the guild.In addition, a golden goblet with a special inscription has been delivered to the home depot of the guild leader of the oldest guild of each game world. Of course, the best place to put it on display is your guild hall.On Antica, Tibia's first game world, we have a special case since 5 guilds were founded on the day we introduced the guild system and another one a day later. No worries, though, the guild leaders of all six guilds have received a golden goblet for their guild.