Tibia gold players can also switch up spells.


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Most groups like to keep Tibia Gold one Mage around due to their high damage output. Killing an elite mob before it can kill the tank is often a big plus; this is where mages come in.Mages are also fairly good at crowd control with frost nova and polymorph. At the end of a long instance, groups also enjoy the portals higher-level Mages can generate to get them out and to the auction house.Fun Factor 8: Mages, unlike many other classes, kill fast and are not repetitive. Tibia gold players can also switch up spells and devise new strategies depending on your foe, allowing for a good amount of versatility. On top of that, Mages have three damage types, Arcane, Fire, and Ice. It would be hard to find an enemy with special resistances to all three.Cold Build Mages who focus on cold tend to be the more cost effective than fire mages. Cold Mages focus on Arcane Talents to reach clear-casting, arcane meditation, and boost mana efficiency. They then head down the frost line.Cold Mages focus on having high spirit and intellect over damage equipment, affording them very little downtime at the cost of slower kills.