Update on DDoS Attacks and Free Blessings!


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Over the last weeks, many of our players repeatedly suffered from connection problems which were caused by heavy DDoS attacks.

Ever since these attacks started, our technical staff has been working on this issue with high priority in close cooperation with our service provider. While countermeasures have already been initiated, the attacks are still going on. Rest assured that we will continue to do what we can to solve these difficulties in order to provide a trouble free game experience and to ensure that you can enjoy Tibia again.

In order to alleviate the negative impact these attacks obviously have on your gameplay experience, all temple NPCs will hand out all blessings which are available in Tibia for free and for all players from tomorrow's server save on. You can get the blessings repeatedly so just ask a temple NPC for "blessing" in order to get protected. This option will be kept ingame for the time being until we have the situation under control again.

In addition, we are thinking about further measures to make amends for the loss of fun and for the frustration you had to put up with during this difficult time: for example, starting a double XP week once the situation is back to normal again. Let us know what you think about that or if you have other suggestions.

Once again, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies for inconveniences caused by these malicious attacks.

Thank you for bearing with us!

Your Community Managers