We implemented several further bug fixes


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The New Frontier Quest was fixed. Players who were not able to get their armor because they had died in the reward area can now do so.

A bug that allowed free account players to play in the premium area of Rookgaard was fixed.

The Run like a Wolf Quest should work properly now. A bug that prevented players from skinning the war wolf was fixed. Further, if you have lost your skinning knife during the quest, please talk to Tom again.

Players who had lost their flask for mission 11 can now receive a new one from Vascalir.

NPC Junkar will not send players all the way to Cormaya anymore.

The creature Iron Servant is not convincible anymore.

The guides in each city now inform players of the status of all world changes. Simply ask them for the status of your "world".

Modifications were made to Horestis Tomb, so creatures are more attracted to it.

Further minor bug fixes, like map bugs