Your Feedback about Tibia and CipSoft

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It is very important for us at CipSoft to find out how the Tibia community evaluates the general work we are doing. For this reason, we start a feedback form once in a while in order to get a better impression of our community's attitude towards the products and services we offer: What, do you think, is running smoothly? What can we change for the better?

There has been a total of 2084 players who participated and filled in the form this time. After having made an evaluation of their feedbacks we can finally present to you a short summary of the results.

First of all, we could register an overall improvement of our work compared to last year's survey. This is great and we are more than happy about this development. On the other hand, you have showed us that there is still some room for further improvement, so let's go into detail:

In comparison to 2008, we made a big step towards a bug-free gaming experience. Many of you seem to be largely pleased with our technical development as well as with Tibia's update frequency. It is good to hear that! On the other hand, an alarmingly high number of players mentioned that Tibia is a rather aggressive game. Obviously, this issue is mainly due to the power abuse problem, so improving this point is already on our agenda.

Furthermore, many of you share the opinion that our customer support team is quite tolerant and generous in its decisions. Here we noticed a slight improvement compared to last year. However, obviously we are still not responding quickly enough on your email requests.

CipSoft's communication on the internet has achieved the best results! We improved in almost every aspect of our communicational work, most significantly in being informative and on time with our news. For most of you, our way of interacting with the community is friendly and interesting with regards to content. According to your feedback, though, our communication is too selective, so this aspect should be changed for the better.

The community generally appreciates our efforts to spend more time and energy into community building and into a careful product management. We already made a step towards solving any problems that occur quickly, but still many of you believe that we are too slow in it. Furthermore, there seems to be a great demand among players for a closer contact to CipSoft. We, the community managers, are already working hard on improving here.

We thank you for your constructive and honest feedback. We are very happy about the results, may they be good or bad for us, as they help us in improving our services and products. You gave us a lot credit for our efforts and the steps we have already taken. On the other side, gladly, you have not refrained from providing honest criticism. We will consider all your feedbacks very carefully in the future.