Banking center is often a number of actions in 2010 and is totally free.

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Following yet another year, "my small fool" Springtime Celebration routines on-line! If the small deceive smooches already prepared to greet the year in the rabbit New Year jointly? Each essential celebration, my minor trick always brings a fresh round involving amaze to the person, change, brand-new routines, new reward... A lot more have a very specific surprise - the actual Springtime Event actions would have been a great number of supply along with extremely unusual goods from regular instances, variety full, as well as the tote a person shock!

Treasure chest is a great deal of pursuits this year which is no cost, besides the rabbit old package provided by the clown there will give you a banking center, you can even increase snow lotus, accumulating Chemung rabbit dangle agent to be able to as well as NPC for several banking center. Today let's wait and watch exactly what are presently there within the treasure chest nutrients!

Tutu banking center: 14 forms of high-grade super unusual collection of objects, are usually the roughest to reproduce!

Of the cherish scenario: a few types of high grade very unusual collection of goods, 9 forms of high-grade regular unusual selection things. Although quite scarce within this treasure chest, nevertheless you should be aware that include urban legend "never pick" really slim vehicles "rare true flowers" hedgehog!

Excellent rabbit treasure chest: drill, elderly RMB goods and also tutu tokens, Tibia Gold with the small. Burrowing products such as well-liked favorite participate in bird planes, plane, breeze supporter of little sibel dog ovum, and it has always been away from art print place design automatic robot "eve" etc. In the event the gamer in the banking center, shift to the moon in addition to the particular symbol, it is possible to once more with all the small for your banking center regarding matching one!