Technologies stream involving staff utilize sword and safeguard taunt enemies

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Sword and also protect the enthusiast is obviously an expert, specialized in come back to this aspect and also developed wonderland lifestyle advocating valiance. The actual heart associated with knights in combat devoted, brave, realize meekness, fight with regard to glory and also sacrificing. Martial artist for the sword as well as defend your blinking mild, respect since do not have to point out more, belonging to my very own loved ones living by no means betray; Brave along with care to to be able to sacrifice is the best debate for your soldier blade as well as defend, that they always tightly stored in marriage action inside supervisor part, repeatedly took place, it is never to step away, it is just a indication of heroic best?

As well as technologies circulation involving workers employ sword and also safeguard taunt monsters, and then the flare of element section could be the warrior with monsters into fire flames, who your terrible have you been giving up? When the soldiers leaped out of sword as well as shield shuttle service from the wild, war, the actual stronghold of Zynga, they often increase the risk for substantial defend hindering 50 percent focusing on prime, investing to maneuver ahead, the use of the aware all hazardous. As well as their own brains along with air flow while classy party dancing wizard transformed the blind attention, this is not precisely what they many simple patience?

Blade along with defend could be the accountability of the mother or father, and also the fame of the soldier is to guard. Although not dark night this kind of career inside General electric, however the sword and shield your troops is absolutely uncrowned soldier, despite the fact that nobody came up also furnished for the kids, even though nobody for you to comment on their own fame. But you are from the straightener and also metal general powerful will perform the means of his / her knights in Tibia coins combat, that they nevertheless shield beside other people silently, here is the can in the knight, this is the knight's glory, this can be the most remarkable brand new improvement road of flash.