Beta Flash Client Improvements

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Together with the spring patch, we will release a whole lot of Beta Flash client improvements to enrich your Tibia experience further. They will not only include some technical adjustments to enhance the performance of the Beta Flash client, especially when it comes to input handling. We also kept on improving the Beta Flash client according to your feedback and wishes during the last months. So what will be new?

Spell List Widget

The new spell list widget will not only provide a neat overview of spells but also allow you to filter and sort them, and to assign them to an action button in your action bar easily via drag and drop. In the "View" tab of the spell list widget you will be able to filter spells to only view those which are known to your character, and available for your character's vocation and level. Spells which your character cannot use will be greyed out.

As you can see in the screenshot to the right, you will also be able to choose between two different views: the list view and the container view. In addition, clicking on a spell will provide you with some interesting details such as mana cost and price, just to name a two. Furthermore, you will be able to sort spells by name or group, for example. The "Filter" tab will allow you to filter the displayed spells even more.

Hotkey Set Extension

Eight hotkey sets are not enough for you? Here you go! After the patch, you will have up to twelve hotkey sets in total. Adding a new hotkey set will be easy, and you can choose whether you want to use the default settings as a starting point or copy one of your already existing sets and alter it. Of course, you will also be able to delete sets which you do not need anymore. Moreover, navigating through your hotkey sets will be more comfortable: arrows on the right and left side of the hotkey set button allow you to switch to the previous or to the next hotkey set.

Besides, you will be able to choose which hotkey you want to use to toggle the chat mode on and off. The default setting will be Ctrl+Enter.

Please note that due to the hotkey set changes all existing hotkey sets in the Beta Flash client will be reset to the default settings but your actions in the action bar will be preserved. Also, your previous hotkey settings cannot be imported into Beta Flash client anymore. We hope that the overall improvements make up for this necessity.

Action Bar Improvements

We have addressed and improved quite a few things about action buttons and action bars. For example:

You will be able to lock or unlock your action bars by clicking on the lock symbol in the upper right corner of the game window. As long as the lock mode is activated you cannot switch actions buttons or put items and spells via drag or drop there, for example.

You will be able to scroll through action buttons if your mouse cursor is placed above an action bar.

If you press Shift while switching one action button with another via drag and drop the assigned hotkey will move along with the action.

If you use action buttons to equip weapons or shields, it will be possible to switch between one-handed and two-handed weapons. In addition, both the Beta Flash client as well as the stand-alone client will allow you to manually switch between one-handed and two-handed weapons and shields via drag and drop.

Pressing and holding a hotkey or action button will repeat the assigned action according to certain rules. For example, if a spell is assigned to it, you cast it anew as soon as the cooldown is over. Please note that this change will also apply to hotkey usage in the stand-alone client except for runes.