Tibia Gold players could find the same pair of Shoes.


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The Conference of 11, a secret circle of magicians, found a way how Tibia Gold to dissolve the seals - but with the Great Upheaval and the devastation of Lux Plena, the ancient knowledge got lost.But today, a few heirs of these magicians who still know the right spells have been found - and the hunt for the sealed items is now on.There is a certain chance that the pieces of equipment (both arms and armament) you find might have between one and five seals on them. You can easily find out whether your item is sealed, as sealed items will have a small lock in the lower right corner of their icons.If you move your mouse over the item to read the description, you can find out how many seals your item has. Please note that not all pieces of equipment you find will automatically have seals on them!You could also find a pair of Shoes with one seal and on the next day, Tibia Gold players could find the same pair of Shoes with three seals. Items with five seals are extremely hard to find, items with one or two seals are more common.Please note that Shields don't have any seals on them.