Demon's Lullaby.

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You are lightning-fast with your blade? You can command the mighty forces of nature or mastered the knowledge of the destructive power of death? One shot of your crossbow means certain death for your enemy? You know no fear? You proved your courage in countless battles? Then you are the incarnation of a perfect adventurer. But have you ever passed the hardest challenge of all...? Have you ever taken care of a baby?

Once again, a stressed demon mother needs a rest and is looking for voluntary babysitters to help her with her swarm of babies.

Tomorrow, May 07, the world event "Demon's Lullaby" will start again and invite you to give proof of your babysitting skills. Travel to the Jakundaf Desert and offer your help to the overworked demon mother which is desperately searching for some babysitters. But be warned, the babies are still demons and therefore not like human babies. So you better give your best because their mother will only entrust you with one of her babies once. Since a demon baby has numerous odd whims you need to cater, to make sure to get your baby in time. It will probably not always be easy to satisfy a crying demon baby but if you manage this challenge and return the cute squaller cheerfully to his mommy you will receive an adorable reward.

If your game world returns enough satisfied babies to the demon mother until May 14, server save, she will reward the world with an experience bonus of 10% until May 28. In addition, she will also show her gratitude by reducing the death penalty by half until then.

Doing it all for your baby!