Tibia coins players will give away ten of those vouchers.


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During all these years, Tibia and its great community have been major reasons for our success. CipSoft and the development of Tibia cannot be separated from each other. Reason enough for us to celebrate this event with you, and to thank you for your continuous support and dedication!Therefore, we will raffle 100 premium time vouchers all in all, each of them granting free premium status for a whole year. Every day from today until June 17, Tibia coins players will give away ten of those vouchers.How to win a whole year of premium time? Well, even killing a rat is harder than participating in this give-away. All you have to do is - and now be prepared to face your destiny: log into the game and you automatically get the chance to win if your account was created before June 8, 2011. Further information concerning this event can be found here in the Auditorium.