Tibia Gold players can find further information on issues.


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The Beta Flash client already includes many cool features such as customisable sidebars, action bars and hotkey sets, battle list options, and a heads-up display, for example. Please note, though, that this client is still a beta version as the name indicates. This means, it is still in full development, glitches and bugs are to be expected, and not everything works fine and smooth yet. So please understand that you are using it on your own risk.Beta version also means that we are continuously working on fixing issues, and on developing and improving the Flash client further based on your wishes. So there are still many things on our to-do-list, both bug fixes as well as suggestions on how to make the client better. We intend to address all relevant points step by step, and we hope that you will help us by continuing to give us constructive feedback. Tibia Gold players can find further information on issues that have been fixed since the end of the open beta in the Auditorium.