Horestis tomb has 6 floors. each floor contains a Canopic Jar.


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Good evening all.
Since i'm willing to learn more about this quest, i was wondering how many ppl already have figured out the secrets. i'm gonna spill my wisdom here about this new tomb, and hoping others will to and help me out a bit!

Horestis tomb has 6 floors. each floor contains a Canopic Jar. These jars contain remains of Horestis. When u destroy all jars, the monsters that normally spawn will dissappear.
All jars have been destroyed on my world. I figured out myself that u have to break them in a certain order (i guess from top to bottom). when these jars are destroyed, the big room on the lowest floor is accessible (which is normally protected with a bone wall). In this big room there are 26 diffrent jars. It is said when u destroy these jars, u have a possibility to meet horestis entering his teleport on the lowest floor.

This is as far as i got. I got some things that might be helpfull. I guess more then 1 person are needed to finish this quest (since its a pharaoh, i dont think u should meet him on your own unless experienced). since there are 6 floors, i guessed u need at least 6 ppl to finish this quest. maybe u have to stand on tiles to make the teleporter appear or do something else.