Operating in seasons provides an established set of champions and maps


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Riot Games, an independent developer and publisher of premium online video games, has invited all gamers to get a jump start in League of Legends before the game launches in 'Pre-Season'. New players can join the beta for free Tibia coins and will be able to keep their accounts permanently.

League of Legends will operate in seasons to provide the best experience in competitive gaming. Operating in seasons provides an established set of champions and maps with a definite endpoint to competition, while also enabling new content rollouts outside of season play.

The League of Legends 'Pre-Season' will allow time for players to learn the game, build teams and develop advanced strategies and tactics, before the opening of Season One in the first half.

Between now and the start of Season One, players can also look forward to the addition of clans, teams, tournaments, ladders, draft mode, as well as additional content such as new champions and maps.

"Trion is positioned extremely well to succeed in the next generation of online gaming," added Hartsman. "I'm happy to come on board in Redwood Shores to help deliver the most compelling MMO experiences and to collaborate with all of the Trion studios to introduce genre-leading games."