Increase in a certain time limit

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Most of the novel there is a known artifact of the stuff can lead to qualifications flat foot man evolved from a moment for the hero to save the world, as currently only 11 units in the breastplate, an alchemical weapon system, the role of the system the maximum stone mosaic part is to make the artifact becomes more Guards. How Guards? Road to listen to me carefully.

When the PK is definitely better than others their own properties, their combat effectiveness can defy the world, and PK when the fighting is changing, your equipment imaginary Titan mosaic stone mosaic, stone mosaic when you use this skill will get HP50% increase in a certain time limit, this property is equivalent to Half-Life skills, Half-Life Guards do more than others? It was inevitable, the same job, same equipment, the same attack, the enemy not equipped with inlaid stone is certainly more than you first fall!